Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Wendy (Snyder) left me alone ..."

I've done several blog posts about Chicago radio personalities getting fired, retiring, and/or passing away, but none have attracted the blogterest (i.e., several hundred Google referrals and other types of SiteMeter hit stats over the last 5 days) as Wendy Snyder's unceremonious dismissal from the Steve Dahl show (scroll downward or site-search for original post and follow-ups) on WCKG FM 105.9. (Sorry, Bobby Skafish ... the masses have spoken with their relative silence in your regard.)

So, in honor of that, here's this. I would have posted the Descendents version instead, but it's not on YouTube, sadly.

The Beach Boys - Wendy (Live on Ed Sullivan 1964)

Meanwhile, in other radio news, I saw today in Feder's column or some other column that still-unemployed Garry Meier has apparently lost the jury trial brought by his former manager for alleged non-payment of fees. As a fake manager, myself, I consider this a win for the good guys.

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