Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Synder? Fired 'er. Hire Nigher for Meier?

According to Robert Feder's column today in the Sun-Times, sidekick Wendy Snyder has finally been fired from the Steve Dahl afternoon drive-time-a-ganza on WCKG, after having been seemingly on thin ice for the last year or two. Frankly, I think Dahl was just tired of having someone in the studio with (albeit only slightly) bigger breasts than his. Although WCKG's cashflow problems could account for it as well. Its only advertisers seem to be mortgage refinance schemers and scary-sounding child control courses. Or else they're just freeing up cash for Garry Meier to take over the morning slot from Opie & Anthony, who, I'll venture to proclaim, will never succeed in Chicago. There, I just started a rumor.

POSTSCRIPT: Good gravy, I had no idea Wendy Snyder was so popular. The Google referrals for "Wendy searches" are outstripping "O&A searches" by a large margin -- and it's a good thing, too, because I'd much rather see Wendy strip than O&A. But seriously, I've always liked Wendy Snyder as a radio personage and hope she gets re-employed soon. And not back at the Brookfield Zoo.


Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Hey, Jack London, I thought you had a reasonable point in your comment, but I deleted it cuz ... well, you know why ... but I'm going to paste the text in here and address it underneath. Unfortunately, I guess I'll have to activate comment moderating now. Sigh.

Anyway, here's what Jack said:

"Opie and Anthony will succeed in Chicago. They took over a disater slot. Give them time. They are the best thing going on talk radio. How about you try listening to them before spewing out your shit opinion buddy. Check out my website for the next great radio star!!"

And here's my reply to that:

I don't have anything personal against O&A, and I have listened to their show. They're all right, and they might in fact catch on in Chicago with time. I don't, myself, care much for 'em (don't hate 'em either), because I prefer locally oriented radio programming, and I was referring to the difficulty of breaking into the Chicago market with a non-local show, not any lack of talent on their part. It's probably stupid to try to reason with the likes of you, but I still agree that they inherited a disaster at CKG, and they're many times better than that idiot Rover. At any rate, I'm pretty sure CKG is committed to O&A and have no plans to put Meier in that slot ... and if your sensitivity is any indication of their fans' devotion, OK, you win, O&A forever.

Anonymous said...

Get rib of O&A and get the Junkies on the air in Chicago! I think these guys have a better show than what Stern provides. These guys would be as popular on the morning airwaves as Johnny B.

Anonymous said...