Friday, January 26, 2007

"Nobody here but us—ACK!!!"

Promising news from the Orient. Maybe this boy can kill upstairs neighbors' parrots too. (Although the creature has been quiet today. As has the pet bird. Get it? Hah!)

Anyway, in connection with methodology here, I believe that the dog that scared the boy was scared by a cat, which was scared by a mouse, which was scared by an old lady who scared a spider, which wriggled and jiggled and squiggled inside her. Perhaps she'll die, as well.

Boy's screaming kills chickens

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hundreds of chickens have been found dead in eastern China—and a court has ruled that the cause of death was the screaming of a four-year-old boy who in turn had been scared by a barking dog.

According to a local newspaper, the bizarre sequence events began when the boy arrived at a village home in the eastern province of Jiangsu in the summer with his father who was delivering bottles of gas.

A villager was quoted as saying the little boy bent over the hen house window, screaming for a long time, after being scared by the dog.

"One neighbour told police that he had heard the boy's crying that afternoon and another villager confirmed the boy screaming by the hen house window," the newspaper said.

A court ruled the boy's screaming was "the only unexpected abnormal sound" and that the 443 chickens trampled each other to death in fear.

The boy's father was ordered to pay around £117 in compensation to the owner of the chickens.

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