Friday, January 26, 2007

Gravity City Chicago: Item 3

Today's thaw (it got up into the mid low upper high low mid 40s today, with variable variables, barometric hydrometers, and isobars with big brandy snifters used as tip jars) seems to be causing that perennial winter phenomenon: the midwestern urban avalanche.

Sears Tower monitored; falling ice reported

Mayor Daley was reported as saying, "That's just silly! Silly silly silly! OUCH!!!" before suggesting to the U.S. Olympic Committee that ice dodging would make a fine new sport for the 2016 games.

Later, Alderman Joe Moore's office released a statement expressing relief that no chunks of ice fell on any fattened geese. Skinny geese are on their own.

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Mr. Insert Namehere said...

If yer lucky, a moving bus will fall on you as you jump in front of it.