Friday, January 26, 2007

Fuck you, Google, fuck you to hell!

In meta-news of the blog, Google has forced me to migrate to the new Blogger setup, which pisses me off. The appearance has changed somewhat, and I hate it. It looks like ass. Feh. Welp, I guess you get what you pay for blah blah blah (I fucking hate that expression, but I said it myself before some other asswipe sez it to me). Bah. I guess this fucker needs a re-design anyway, especially now that so many Wendy Snyder fans have come onto the scene this week. Makes me feel like I should fluff up the throw pillows ... if I had any ... and uhh ... dust something. However that's done. By the way, on the topic of "Snyde," who knew she had fans in Iceland? Well, she does, according to my SiteMeter stats. Ice fucking land! The land of Ice! And Bjork! Also fans in D.C., California, and various other non-Chicago locales. My traffic for the last few days has more than tripled over the usual trickle of Latin palindrome curious, meeces to pieces haters, and seekers of teh urethra pr0n. Which kinda makes me wish Wendy Snyder could get fired every week.

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