Monday, January 08, 2007

The Return of Fifteenth-Rate Pottery, and a Few Complaints

Here's another one from the same period:
I'm a sad lad
And a tad mad

It's pottery because it's true. And timeless, seemingly.

In other news, over the past few days, all previous Google-referral records for this blog have been smashed into greazy little quivering blobs by the string "we enter the circle at night and are consumed by fire," and variants thereof. Apparently some serious students of Latin palindromy have let themselves loose on the WWW (pronounced "wuh wuh wuh"). Although they ain't so serious as to be capable of finding actual information on the subject, apparently. Which is just as well, I guess. If people knew how to go to Wikipedia first for their trivial bullshit, my hit count would go from dismal to crestfallen.

By the way, the title of the They Might Be Giants song "I Palindrome I" is, of course, not a palindrome at all, although that is probably among the least of that band's offenses against society. I swear on a stack of Thomas Jefferson's religious books (and George Jefferson's dry cleaning receipts) that if I have to endure that goddamn Dunkin Donuts commercial with the obnoxious TMBG "Perhaps FrItalian" song in it one more fucking time, I'm going to kick both Johns right square in the nuts. Especially Linnell. No, wait, especially Flansburgh. No, wait ... ESPECIALLY both of em.

Also, it's been well-noted elsewhere on the web, but I think it merits reiteration: John Krueger Menstrualcramp must go straight to hell right now and begin serving his eternal fiery penance for that excrutiating Chevy truck commercial they play during every single break during every single football game.

Another person who should go to hell is me, for failing to get a TiVo® yet, already. Dammit.


Mr. Insert Namehere said...

yeah, yer a total chump... not only for not having a tivo, but for watching professional sports without one. Or just for watching professional sports. I, in my moral and intellectual superiority, don't even know what you speak of.... what is this "goddamn Dunkin Donuts commercial?" What is this Chevy truck???

The words, they come out of your bloggity mouth, but it is as though I do not comprehend of which you speak!?!

Desmaster General said...

Wait... that is the REAL They Might be Giants doing those D2 commercials?!? Giving TMBG too much credit, I merely assumed that some Generation Hexmaster-general 40-something loserfraud had appropriated the TMBG sound, not the actual band itself. Of course, being a New Englander I have 3 Dunkin Donuts restaurants in my apartment complex, and 1 in my "water closet". I order my heated fluid there in the language of Basque or Catalon (a very oblique reference to "The Ballad of the Sin Eater"-- Ted Leo, natch).

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Des Con 1 said...

"Grade: A. The ads are very watchable, and I think the campaign nails the brand image Dunkin' is striving for. Down-to-earth, value-oriented, but still fun and just a tiny bit hip."

Oddly enough, that's also my teacher persona. Or is that John Edwards? I don't even know anymore.

Yeah, you wanna just be a tiny bit hip, but you don't wanna be 2 Hip. Or Tragically Hip.

Lastly-- "watchable" by whom? Other ad writers? People who are too busy trying to shave in the morning to properly angle their remote to "mute" the commerical while awaiting some Nor'easter snow storm to get a paid day off from their taxpayer-funded jobs edumacating our nation's youth? And is "watchable" the highest standard we should aspire to? Dammit all to hell?!?