Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I, for one, embrace Opie and Anthony as my new masters and overlords

Wow. I barely insult Opie and Anthony -- the best things going in talk radio, dammit, and there's plenty o' gay porn to prove it! -- and all of blogger goes down for the evening. Yep, there's your cause, fellow blog-nerds. It had nothing to do with excessive traffic consisting of irate reaction to the alleged State of teh Union Address (which, I'm told, happened tonight, not that I'd know -- I was watching yet another documentary on Discovery about idiots dying, literally, to climb K2, as yet another means of making myself feel smart by staying in my 60-degree-fahrenheit apartment and drinking beer). Nope, blogger went down because I pissed off the massive legion of O&A fans. My mistake. I'll never do it again. However, the collective punishment assessed against all of humanity is that comments to this "shit opinion" repository are now moderated. Damn, it's an uncivilized world we live in.

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Anonymous said...

Hah! See what "insulting" a celebrity will get you, Googlewise? Ole Stink Stankstunk over there at foojang.com used to get a couple of death threats a month, at least, for his enigmatic meditations on one Ray Liotta (for if there were two, I would not know what to do.)

That is, until he anonymousized hisself out of the picture on the webterfuge. It was a good choice, although I no longer recieve emails from nice BBW's looking for sex and attention.

I mean him! Him! Stink STANKstunk doesn't get the BBW emails from... ah, screw it.

Anyhoo, weighing in on the subject myself, I dont know much about Anthony but I enjoyed Happy Days, even after the whole shark thing.