Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The name of the band was Bongwater

I said a few days ago that I was gonna redesign the site and write all sorts of shit worth reading and crap like that, but it turns out that I am trapped in some kind of cosmic phenomenon that is causing time to move too fast to get anything done. Like, by the time I get up, shower, get dressed, and drink some coffee, it's 10 p.m. So, blog redesign and the rest of Operation Stop Sucking is cancelled for now, due to twisted physics. And, OK, general lack of interest on my part. Hell, the only reason this blog still exists is that a rogue gravitational field traveling through the galaxy has prevented me from hitting the "delete" button. For now, here's a cheap YouTube post.

(Video: Bongwater - The Drum)

1 comment:

totie 'rogue gravitational' fields said...

BRRRAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Boychik, you keep writing if you ever wanna see that delete key again!!!!!