Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Make no small blog plans"

That's what Daniel Burnham said on his blog, "Teh Blog T4at W0rx0rz," about 100 years ago. "They have no magic to stir men's Site Meter stats."

In view of this dictum, Colicky Baby Records and Tapes is going to undergo a revamp imminently. I was going to wait until the baseball season ended, but, frankly, the CBRAT staff has pretty much overdosed on America's Pastime for this year already. The White Sox are still in the hunt, but we never have much of a stomach for a close pennant race. Especially one that "we" seem to be losing. And we -- that is, I -- have some free time coming up in a few days, so the time is ripe for change.

I don't know what I want to do with the look and feel yet, but it will likely remain pretty basic. Any changes along those lines will mainly be aimed at improving readability. The main initiative under consideration is into improve the blog's multimedia capacities by spending a few bucks on opening an account with one of the web's many file hosting services (first step: choosing which one). So, in the near future, look for more mp3s, with much more convenient download options, as well as the capability to play tracks right in the blog (probably using those little java dealies you've probably seen around the web) to see if you're interested before bothering with a download. I have plenty of odd and interesting audio on hand to parcel out webbially.

So if things work out the way I envision, Colicky Baby Records and Tapes will finally live up to the second half of its name. And you can bet that it will remain just as colicky.

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