Friday, May 05, 2006

Yonge Street!!!

There's a rainbow in Toronto
Where the colicky bloggers are bold
They always get a potfull
But they never get a pot of gold

"Toronto?! Are there jobs there, Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss? Bloggin' jobs?"

"Sure there are, nameless questioner! Lots o' bloggin' jobs! And colicky whinin' jobs too!"

"But ... in your case, that's the same thing, isn't it, eh?"

"Shut up, you straw-man hoser!"

Hey Nicki, get Vickie
You said to call you up
If I was feelin' colllll-icky
Hey little Donna,
Still wanna?
You said to ring you up
If I was in Toronna

That's right, CBRAT is going on a brief hiatus for a few days for a road trip! Wooooo! Garth and Gord and Fiona and Alice and Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss are headed north of the border.

So no posts for about a week. Talk to you hosers then.

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bobanddougandfionaapple said...

Hey! Take off, eh?