Thursday, May 25, 2006

Save the liver!

In a fit of inspired casting, it seems that Joan "Istanbul Not Comiskey Park" Cusack may be playing the part of Julia Child in a movie. Early reviews here at CBRAT are unanimous -- bone appetite!

And, for all you big fans of really early, early, pre-blog Colicky Baby Records and Tapes material ... or the zero to zero-point-five of you with really good memories, anyway ... maybe this will inspire me to finally start work on the long-awaited That Long Newspaper Spoon movie, "The Parsley Garnish Story" ... starring ... ?

POSTSCRIPT: Hey, quelle surprise googale, I'm in a Manuscript Collection. Are you in a Manuscript Collection? Yes? Well, me too!

Check it out.

Right there at teh U of Ioway, in Box 104: That Long Newspaper Spoon. DeKalb, IL. 6-11 (1991-93).

Take that, nonexistence!

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