Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who's your Tiger?

Welly welly welly. Wellikers wellikers wellikers.

The White Sox have a rival in the Merkin League Central, it seems, and from as unlikely a place as M!ch!gan, no less.

Thanks to the red-hot Reds last night, and the uhh (what color is cold? blue!) Cubby-blue Cubs yesterday afternoon, the Sox and Tigers are knotted at the moment at 27 and 14, dual possessors of that ever-mercurial Best Record In Baseball.

The Deetroit-Cincinnatuh game tonight is up for grabs, I think. Give the Tigers the edge, if only because the Merkin League is generally better than the Nationalist-Imperialists.

But in just a few minutes here, Freddy "Boom Boom" Garcia faces Rich "Yet Another Rookie" Hill (0-3, 7.63 ERA) at the Joan Cusack and Byrne Piven Jr. Memorial Ballyards, so I like the Soxeses' chances. I like them a lot.

So, as Hawk Harrelson says, "Strap it on, grease it up, and hunker in your bunker" ... or something like that.

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Jayson said...

There should be a "comments" option after your profile. That's the best profile in the history of, of, of blogspot! But I'm pretty sure the White Sox is a soodoe event invented by Karl Rove to distract the potentially politically active white and black underclasses of Chicago. Not 100%, but pretty sure.