Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Crosstown Classic Time: Two Public Service Announcements

Saving you two or three misguidedly googling Chicago American League Ball Club fans per day some time: This site does not contain an mp3 of the vintage White Sox theme song, "Go, Go-Go White Sox," just some tweaked lyrics in the sidebar. (Bonus time savers: Also, I do not know if Boone Logan has kids, or if Jim Thome is gay. But I'm guessing that if Boone Logan has kids, they are gay, or soon will be if their dad continues to stink up the mound so stinkily. Heh heh, I referred to a stinky mound.)

Saving you generally misguided Chicago National League Ball Club fans even more time: The Cubs suck. Give it up. Walter Matthau is dead, or else I'd suggest hiring him to take over as manager for the rest of the season. He could get Tatum O'Neal to be the fifth starter. But she still ain't wearing no cup.

POSTSCRIPT: I believe I have just set a CBRAT per-post record for rude oblique references to female genitalia (at, by my cunt count, two ... OK, make that three). Feral Mom, I'm taking your advice to heart.


freddy got fingered said...

I was googling for porn and your site came up.

So where's the porn?

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

The porn is in your MIIIIIIND.