Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Our recent attempt to solicit information on Duane Dow and "Local League Bowling" has been in vain so far, but CBRAT is now on the second google google in your noodle page for a search for "Duane Dow" ... so ... that's affecting the cyberspace for you.

It feels good to exist. When my black sharecropper daddy saw me off those years ago, he told me, "Find things to post about that haven't been covered much but that a few similarly interested people might find via the Google. That way you can drum up some interest."

Then he added, "Don't trust whitey!"

Heh, doing a little "The Jerk" thing there. Next time maybe I'll reference the "He hates these cans!" scene.

If there is a next time. Seriously, people, the hit count here is okay, but a flat growth curve is no good in today's economy.

Maybe I should do a Gene Scott and refuse to post anything new until I get ... money. Pay up, cheapskates! THIS WISDOM AIN'T FREE!!!

No! Not money. I was gonna say information on "Local League Bowling." But thinking about it now, I figure the likelihood of getting either is about the same.

So I'll continue posting whenever I think of anything dumb interesting or amusing to say. Or, failing that, every other day or so. Lord loves a working man!


Feral Mom said...

Oh no, Colicky, you're not going anywhere. They say the Midwest is flat, but I see a lot of hills out there tonight! I'm gonna climb 'em. Statistics fluctuate like the Midwestern weather, so hang in there. But "The Jerk" references certainly won't hurt. Nor, I've discovered, will using words like "jahoobies" or "fuck."

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

The best one-day hit count so far was the day I posted the gripe about Blagojevich failing to come through on funding for the Broadcast Communications museum, and it got picked up by the spider on The Capitol Fax Blog.

So my ace in the hole (along with waiting for the hits to roll in naturally for "White Sox Boone Logan is he single?" etc.) is to just shout "Blagojevich!" whenever I really want attention. And "Topinka!"

Topinka tinka Topinka, banana fanna fo Finka, fee fie mo Minka, Topinka!

Let's do Meeks!

No, never mind.

chinese boy toy said...

If it's hits you want, might I suggest posting an mp3 of Like a Virgin?