Monday, April 17, 2006

WBEZ to Dump Music Programming

The Tribune reports that pompous and irritating Chicago public radio station WBEZ (no link cuz I hate them ... and no link to the Trib because I don't feel like it) is dropping music programming and going all-talk.

That means no more Blues Before Sunrise. And no more Jazz with Dick Buckley. No more Afropop, no more Passport, no more Piano Jazz. In other words, no more of the only programming I could stand. My crabby dislike of CPR talk aside, the music programming on BEZ is ... or was ... high-quality content, and not easily found elsewhere. Blues Before Sunrise is one of the best radio shows of all time. And Dick Buckley belongs in any broadcasting hall of fame.

Instead we can count on more insufferable, chirpy, smug, dull, faux-librul, suburban yuppie bullshit blather. And nothing else. Great.

Wait Wait I'm Going to Puke.

They are reportedly keeping Greg Kot and Jim Derogatory's rock-oriented talk show ... which is just the shitty icing on a turdy cake. In any reasonable market, those colossal twerps would be receiving an eternal series of hydraulic wedgies, not given numerous media vehicles for their insipid prattle.

WBEZ can count on my non-support, financial and otherwise. It joins WTTW-TV in the ranks of pathetically mismanaged public broadcasting outlets in this once-somewhat-less hamskulled city.

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people -- maybe most people I know -- love the talk rubbish on that station. People inexplicably adore Ira Glass. Fine. But I can't understand the decision to eliminate music shows as good as the ones currently on the station.

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