Monday, April 17, 2006

Boing Boing Sucks Sucks

Cory sucks.

Xeni sucks.

But why stop there? The whole obnoxious bunch of Boing Boingers suck. Where's Frauenfelder sucks dot com? And ... uhh, whoever the other nerdlingers are that post on that site -- they suck too.

Actually, the entire Internet sucks. Bad. But Boing Boing is such concentrated suckiness that it will give you a rash right where you really really don't want one.

This post sucks, as well, as does this entire blog, and yours truly, too. And every one of the people who has ever visited it probably sucks as well -- especially the ones who got here via silly Google searches like "white sox studs."

However, this post, this blog, and this blogger do not suck as much as a Frauenfelder Boing Boing post about how much certain people hate cilantro. Thanks, dorktwats. Now I am going to have to go through the entire rest of the day with a severe urge to shove bunch after bunch of cilantro up the nostrils of an untold number of I.T. workers, web designers, nerdy E.E. majors (redundant!), and whoever the hell else wastes time on this goddamn stupid WWW bullshit.

Excuse me. I have to go ram some aromatic leaves up my schnozz right now. Although I happen to like cilantro very much, so, joke's on you, Boing Boing suckers!


Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Disclosure: I visit Boing Boing dot net fairly frequently and often enjoy the content posted there. However, they still suck. The anti-cilantro post seals the deal. It's okay to hate cilantro, but to post a blog item about a blog (my god, is there anything else on earth anymore? it's like we woke up in some kind of Twilight Zone episode) about how a bunch of unfunny dweebs fantasize about destroying cilantro crops and eradicating the stuff, etc. Hey, at 33 cents a bunch, it ain't going away, Cholley. Who's Cholley? I dunno, I assume the kind of hater of cilantro who wants to describe his cilantro hatred to the world in HTML form is probably named Cholley. Or maybe Zander. Or Bunky. Anyway, they're going to have to pry the cilantro from my dry, sarcastic hands, dammit. And once I go put some lotion on -- moist, soft, smooth, youthful hands -- but still sarcastic!

heatmiser said...

Oooooooo! Guest blog from Portland?