Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Q: What's new, Mike?

A: Just my socks!

OK ... so that's not so new ... that's an exchange from a TV commercial for a Chicago Tribune promotion Mike Royko did ... or acquiesced in ... more than 20 years ago. Hey, am I an Asperger's case or what? Some people in Chicago media recall that promotion, I'm sure -- which involved tube socks with Royko's autograph stitched on them in red thread (I think I still have one) -- but I bet nobody but nobody else remembers the TV commercial for it.

Toward the bottom of this page on Crain's Chicago Business site is a pretty funny account of a fistfight between Royko and the editor and publisher of Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Bernard Judge, that broke out when Judge razzed Royko about the socks. Naturally, this took place at the Billy Goat.

Speaking of Mike Royko and the Billy Goat, via Gaper's Block comes this fine video clip of Mike hanging out at the tavern (still working for the Sun-Times, as clearly evidenced by his softball jersey) and yapping about various Mike Royko type stuff.

Mostly softball. Sixteen-inch, what else? Which maybe I'll post more about someday, although I haven't played in years, being the shittiest athlete in the world.

Highly recommended. I know you won't watch it, but I recommend it anyway. OK, I'll just watch it twice. That'll cover for you.

Good god, those are women's glasses, though, aren't they?

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