Monday, April 17, 2006

Go, Go-Go White Sox -- Just do it safely and presentably

Williams fines Buehrle for sliding on the tarp during a rain delay?

Reinsdorf orders A.J. and Crede to get haircuts?

Is this is the Chicago White Sox or the goddamn 1978 Dallas Cowboys? Yeah, that Roger Staubach was a clean-cut Christian of a freakishly boring man. Although Tom Landry had him beat on both counts -- even less hair, even more dully pious. I guess they'll be told not to slide anymore when they're wearing the white uniforms, because the dirt just doesn't look nice.

OK, the tarp thing makes sense. Guy could hurt himself. But the hair? Well ... I guess they could trip, or something. Or with those golden locks, they could accidentally get picked up by some drunken and/or nearsighted squids from Great Lakes, and then we'd have a National Security problem on our hands.

So I suppose I see the logic.

UPDATE: No fine for the Mark Buehrle tarp-sliding incident after all. He got off with a warning. Which is in itself pretty remarkable. I mean, I've gotten kind of turned on a little from a stern rebuke now and again, but ...

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