Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some material I should sell to Spike O'Dell*

Hey, it's been 15 years now since the L.A. riots. Do you think any of the home electronics that were stolen by looters are still in use? How long does a stereo last these days? Boy, I sure miss my old transistor radio. It was red and had a big dial on it. AM only. Hey, you could get stations from all over the country. Remember Dick Biondi? He sure was edgy. Or so we thought then. Innocent times, hey.

Now here's some idiot with the traffic report, and, hey, after that, we've got Lou Piniella on the phone to discuss the Cubs' outfield woes. Hey, stay tuned, and get those dialing fingers warmed up, because when you hear Lou say "the phrase that conveys (a free good or service to a randomly chosen person who has not supplied consideration for the benefit, thereby making this giveaway a legal prize promotion rather than illegal gambling)," the 720th caller gets to play center in today's game against the Astros. Hey, why not? Everybody else has.


(*this material also made available to Bob Sirott, except replace "some idiot with the traffic report" with "Max Armstrong with the daily agribiz rigamarole")

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