Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogpatross Around My Neck

Getting quiet around here. And it's my fault. Posting to resume someday, even if readership doesn't.

In the meantime ... what's happening? Frazzled as usual at CBRAT central. Trying to take care of a little bug problem in the kitchen, which I'd been blessedly spared of for the previous nine years. Uh, lessee ... the j_b is stressing me out lately, leaving me wrung like a damp rag at EOB. And not to mention, stuck with dumb office acronyms in my head ... like FYI, ETA, and BMHA (that last one is my own contribution to the genre -- bite my hairy ass). Uhh ... Tony Soprano killed Christopher the other day (oops! spoiler! sorry ...), and unlike the rest of the blogosphere, apparently, I won't miss him. And Falwell died ... and like much of the rest of the (left-wing -- the only wing worth knowing) blogosphere, I won't miss him, either.

And on that note of weak parallelism, I'm gonna move to the couch and watch "House."

1 comment:

Stink said...

Yeah thanks for ruining that episode sitting on the tivo, you cute cunt. I hate what has become of the show and would have enjoyed seeing somebody get kakked without knowing it was going to happen ahead of time. Oh well, everybody dies at some point, even TV characters.