Thursday, March 01, 2007

Things I love (and by love I mean hate), part 9,412,983

Yeah, I always love clicking about 80 times to get to my inbox in the web mail interface -- any web mail interface. Who opens their mail and wants to go to some saved folder instead of their inbox first? Hey, autistic programmers of the world -- give me the inbox immediately, you stupidity-crusted nerds!

In other news, I hate all technology, and all non-technology. Leave the damn bush babies alone, you insane spear-wielding chimpanzees! All of the "higher" primates suck -- even the bonobos. They have hideous genitals and are mean to their orphans. Yeah -- you never hear about the "mean to orphans" part, just the all-day sexing. Even though from the footage I've seen, it's not exactly inspiring sex. I think a 14-yr-old boy could last longer than a bonobo.

Yes. Things I hate. Apes, and lousy user interfaces. Which is redundant, because I have never met a user interface I liked. Nor a user.

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