Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meier Hired

This just in ... Garry Meier has signed on for the 8 to 11 a.m. shift on WCKG. The mighty mighty Opie & Anthony will be on from 5 to 8. No further details on the whereabouts of Wendy Snyder are known by this blog.

By the way, I have to wonder about all you people who visit here asking the googical question "Why was Wendy fired?" -- Did you listen to the Dahl show at all over the last couple of years? It's not like things were going well for her there. I like Wendy, and I've listened to Dahl for about [mumble mumble] years, even though I often wonder why ... but the better question would be, why did she last so long? She wasn't allowed to contribute much and didn't have much of a role other than tolerating Dahl's insults and pretending his jokes were funny. Although she is apparently missed -- and one friend of the blog recently opined that Dahl's show is "kind of a sausage fest" without her.

Anyway, it's radio. People are fired all the time.

OK, I'm tired of milking this topic. But Wendy Snyder fans are welcome to continue visiting.

I'm looking forward to checking out Meier's show, I guess, although I usually want to listen to music when I'm fighting traffic on the way to work in the morning. It will be interesting to see if he can finally shake the "second banana" rep. And by interesting, I mean most likely dull and lame. Like I said, it's radio. People are dull and lame all the time. People helping people. Traffic and weather together on the downbeat.

UPDATE: OK, here's why I listen to Dahl's show -- frequent call-ins by White Sox radio dude, Ed Farmer. The following account is stolen blatantly from Dahl's website's "show log," but doesn't do the story justice. Farmio rulez.

5:24 Ed had a run in with some guy in the security line. The guy told him he was in the wrong line. There were two lines so Ed went into the shorter one, crazy him. Then he hears some guy saying "hey you, the line starts back here"

5:25 There were two lines and Ed pointed that out to him. Then the guy came up to make sure Ed heard him.

5:26 Ed told the guy he was under the misconception that he was afraid of him. The guy grabbed Ed's right arm so he turned it down towards his thumb and told him he was going to be wearing his butt on his head on the way home.

5:27 The security guys weren't even watching so they didn't notice what was happening. Then the guy said something over his shoulder and Ed told he didn't want to hear any more and that he fights dirty.

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Mr. Insert Namehere said...

> Anyway, it's radio. People are fired all the time.

If by "all the time" you mean "nowhere near often enough," then I totally agree with you.

Outside of the printed word, I cant think of a more failed medium than commercial American radio.

OK, so you say pictographic clay tablets have been dead since the Sumerians humped their last rump. Touche', sir.

So clay tablets, the printed word, and commercial American radio: dead media inversely indexed by dregree of deathedness.