Saturday, March 10, 2007

Black on White Silver?

OK, template changes are finally underway. The first change is for readability's sake. More adjustments lazily to come. Unfortunately, I kind of hate all the available templates (or at least a few elements of them, and there aren't enough options for changing certain things to please the unpleaseable me), so to get this really right I'll have to wade into the html swamp ... which I'm not in the mood for today. I really should be outside, anyway, instead of watching the Cubs game and futzing around with this mishegoss. But now my OCD is kicking in ... and I really want to figure out how to do away with the goddamn "all caps" title, dammit. Geh.

UPDATE: We're getting there. Got the title left-aligned the way I prefer, and the post headings in sans-serif. Not so sure about the heading & link colors yet. Isn't blog layout editing fascinating? Gotta be right up there with ... baseball spring training.

UPDATE 2 (Sunday March 11): Still tinkering. And watching another spring training game on the cable, this time of the White Sox variety.

Speaking of the White Sox, the magic baseball computer over at Baseball Prospectus sez the Sox will go 72 and 90 this year. I hate to succumb to negativity (yeah, right), but I think that's probably a pretty accurate Kreskination. I think maybe they'll win a few more than that, if they re-aquire Aaron Rowand for center field, but not many. They'll finish in third or fourth place this year -- bank on it. Oh, and Ozzie Guillen will be fired on the day after the season ends.

By the way, the main reason for the baseball nerd-puter's dire prognostication: Too many Sox players on the "wrong side" of 30. Oof. That hurts. Pretty soon, I'll be on the wrong side of the next decade after that. At least when I turned 34, there was the song "Slit Skirts" to orient my experience ... the only song I can think of that applies here is the godawful Jimmy Buffett song (redundant, I know, and also it sez the same thing twice), "A Pirate Looks at 40."

That's got to put me in a pretty high percentile as far as geezerness of bloggers goes. Which reminds me -- I was recently told by a friend that I am too old to be a "slacker" anymore, even though I haven't really changed at all (other than actually holding down a job for almost the last 12 years in a row and stuff along those lines) ... so I guess I'm just a bum. Are you happy, dad? Your prophesy came true! And, as we all know, "the bums lost." Lost what, we're not sure. All I know is that my doctor has promised that pretty soon I'm going to get that "thorough" exam, so I'd better lay into some CCR ahead of time, get the jump on it.

Wow, that was a crazy digression. Hangovers and time changes always fuck with my concentration.


Feral Mom said...

Whoa! It's bright in here. It will take getting used to--Minima Black remains near and dear to my heart-- but I look forward to the ch-ch-ch-changes.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

I'm not sure I like this white background, black text thing, but I'm probably going to be too lazy to switch it back.

In other news, daylight saving time sucks. At least the first day does.

Mr. Insert Namehere said...

This DST expansion is a crock of crap. It's costing businesses around the world millions of dollars to accomodate, with software patches, program re-compiling, and possibly worst of all, most modern home electronics now display the wrong time for a month out of the year, unless you manually change it twice in March and twice in October/November.

Also, you gotta wait an additional hour for it to get dark on Halloween, unless you want to go trick or treating in the daylight, which is for PUSSIES! Just like that reflective tape your mom wanted to stick on the back of your Darth Vader cape. Come ON!!!