Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fear and Colic on the Loose -- Road Tripping Time Again

In my capacity as a person with my job, I'll be attending an unnamed legal conference in an unnamed nation's crapital for most of next week -- as a member of the press, yes, the [adjective] and [other adjective] legal industry trade press type thing -- so there won't be any blog posts posted to this blog until probably Friday evening, at the earliest. Not that I've been posting much of blogsequence lately anyway. Maybe something will happen at the law-talkery shindig that will be bloggable. But probably not. Work and CBRAT don't mix ... and alluding very vaguely to law and publishing is as close as I am willing to get to that colloidal burgoo. Anyway, for those select but very important few who worry that I am dead when I am not heard from electronically for a few days -- fear not. I am merely eating room service and bitching about poor channel selection on the hotel cable.

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