Friday, February 16, 2007

"What about the what? Oh ... yeah ... shit ... good point ... I guess I'm wrong ..."

I wonder why there aren't any "first drafts" extant by classical bigwigs, like Plato. Like, how many dialogues did Plato write where he painted himself into a corner and the antagonist voice in the dialogue ended up beating Plato in the argument? It had to happen sometimes ... I mean, haven't you ever thought you were onto something and then thought about it for a while and realized you were wrong? Unless Plato just switched up the characters based on the roll of the dice, he must have tossed out some dialogues.

(excerpt from my upcoming book, "Standup Comedy for University of Chicago Students, as told by Dr. Milton Rosenberg, Ph.D.")

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Mr. Insert Namehere said...

What about Socrates? Perhaps one of his "students" replied "what do you mean... African or European?" and Socrates was thrown into the abyss.