Friday, February 16, 2007

And Now a Word from Cole Stoma

It's time to introduce a long-running character to this blog ... a long-running character, I mean, in such print blogs as That Long Newspaper Spoon and such failed (-to-be-finished-being-written) novels as Cole Stoma. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, now presenting his first contribution of his non-semi-famous way of doing whatever it is he does, ladies and gentlemen, here is Cole Stoma:

My life is completely fucking stupid. In my life, in this phase of it, my idea of a good time is to cook some really good scalloped potatoes, with good cheddar and some cayenne pepper sprinkled over the top, and then to eat it in front of the TV with a nice bottle of beer and watch a Jacques Pepin cooking show. That is what passes for a good time in my stupid life. It’s like I’m some kind of old maid, but I’m a dude.

Thank you, Cole Stoma. We look forward to your future submissions of abject failure, you straw man of fictional loserdom. Or not.

Waiting in the wings: John Kitchener, Helen Hiwatter, Don Fazool, and Parsley Garnish.

Refused entry to the theater, but in a facetious manner: Noam Crosby, Feng Shui, and The Swami, Davis, Jr.

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