Friday, February 09, 2007

Equinoxical Harbinger 2: Palehose Seven!

Yes, in the words of Larry Sanders, "It's fleezing! It's fleezing!" but we all know that it's a transient condition. A few weeks from now, we'll barely remember. Plus, a few weeks from now ... yeah, here's the part where I pimp the White Sox yet again, for no profit and virtually no reward of any kind.

Sure, there's not really much to do in regard to baseball right now, even if you're a geek. The big trades and free agent signings are pretty much over. The Cubs and Sox both raised the prices of their tickets, which soon will go on sale and sell out to mysterious, shadowy, and evil ticket brokerages (at least one of which, in the case of the Cubs, is owned by the team's parent corp. itself) in short order, and once again, I'll be lucky to go to two or three games this year. So, aside from whining about how the local teams are going to finish somewhere between third place and the basement yet again (sorry, Kenny, I'm not buying this revamped bullpen just yet), but you still can't attend many games (especially the Cubs, who I now hate, largely because I live three L stops from Wrigley Field and I work at home on Fridays, and I cannot spend Friday afternoons getting drunk in the bleachers due to the goddamn contradictions of capitalism) ... well, it's a bit of a lull at the moment.

Was a lull, that is. Because now there's this: Carl Skanberg's Palehose 7, a comical strip in the vein of last year's excellent Palehose 6. Already, three installments are up. Go, go go! Obscure cartoon humor awaits you!

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