Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"To" is a preposition. "Recap" is a verb.

The excuse for starting this blog was to have a place to post some strange, insane, and entertaining audio files -- and, for a twist, to post only files that I had permission to use.

But over the last few weeks, the yappp has started to plow the audio under, so I thought I'd put together a recap posting, for any "newcommbers."

Dez Radio Dezstravaganza: A Portrait in Portraiture

We started with several samples of fake-radio high weirdness, brought to you courtesy of William Emerson Randolph Carlos Blodgett Van Susteren McGillicuddy Desmond III, Jr., (Dez) who conducts his tape-recorded show in a broom closet in his island cottage off the coast of Maine, where he operates a combination lighthouse/Popeye's Chicken franchise.

1. Eight sample bits by a boy named Dez, from a November 2005 non-broadcast

2. A Very Very Disturbingly Dez Xmas 2005 Special, part 1

3. But Wait There's More, Xmas 2005 part 2 UPDATE: Due to lack of downloads, Rapidshare has deleted this. If anyone wants it, leave a comment to that effect. Otherwise, I'm not going to bother re-uploading it.

and last (for now) and best

4. Long-form meisterbrau, "Those Who Forget Mary Schmich Columns Are Doomed To Repeat Them"

Why Don't You Love Us Mom? The Abortions' Unheard Story

And then, just a couple posts ago, we had a couple shocking and disgusting parcels of unmitigated dreck by St. Charles, Illinois, miscreants, The Abortions. In case you're too lazy to scroll down, here are the links:

1. The Abortions - Do You Want To Be A Housewife

2. The Abortions - Sex Is No Substitute

And that's the recap. Doesn't it seem cooler in the aggregate than you expected it to? I'll take your silence as a yes.

OK ... soon, very soon, I promise on a stack of Celebrity Sleuths to post the Slut Kings. Also, we have meat loaf on special every Monday. You can't order it, but we have it. You can order it on Tuesday. Although we don't have it then.


Dave Marsh said...

I thought the 10 disc Bruce Springsteen set was going up before Slut Kings. Now I'm confused.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

No, first it'll be the 10-disc Slut Kings set. After that, I plan to put up the 10-disc set of the E Street Band covering No Eraser Head -- "Tell THAT To The Night." You're gonna plotz when you hear Nils Lofgren's 47-minute solo on "Roto Rooter."

THIS poster said...

Lofgrin will never top Potwora's 78 solo.

Jim Moran said...

That was a duet!

Anonymous said...

Hey! This works! I likes it!