Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fascist People Suck!

While we're all waiting for the avian thing, the pandemonium virus, the one with the uhh an H in it, I think, and a 5, and maybe an N, we could all be grooving to some fine 1980s midwestern punk mp3s as we take inventory of our canned tuna and powdered milk supplies and re-acquaint ourselves with spraypainting perfect circle-As on stuff as a fruitless gesture of defiance ... except that I'm too exhausted to post them today, and I, officially an old man, am going to bed early. Without my beer, even.

I'm exhausted by reason of fascism. Yunz have worned me out, fascist mutherfuckers.

But soon, maybe even tomorrow, I'm gonna make available for the virtually apathetic public—that includes YOU!—some ultra-rare live numbers by blink-and-you-missed-em-and-too-bad-for-you-blinky St. Charles and DeKalb IL powerhouses, The Abortions and Slut Kings. And maybe even some more recent Libertypudlian material, namely, the big hit single by Horseshoe Sandwich, too, if the fascismists give a guy half a break, with the outrage-inducement and the infuriation.

In addition, perhaps more Photoshopped unflattering self-portraits. But probably not.

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