Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Bestest Plans of Unlaid Mice-Like Men Often Go Fershiznit

I know I promised to post some of Dez's "Cap'n Redbeard" bits tonight. And long ago I promised to post some Horseshoe Sandwich. But I'm having some technical difficulties with the sammitch, and the legal department isn't so sure about the Redbeard material. And, for undisclosed reasons, STDPMville is struggling with some agitas this evening, so lets lay the cards on the green felt now and stop hoping to luck into that elusive inside straight on the flop.

In other words, it's Stronger Than Dirt night. Call me Rico, on my own blog, dammit.

The following zip of three small mp3s (less than 2 megs total) contains:

1. Colicky Baby Records and Tapes Corporate Motto, March 2006
2. Wreckless Eric reads Stronger Than Dirt's WFMU pledge message, March 2005
3. Stronger Than Dirt has a mouth-robe malfunction on WFMU, Valentine's Day 2004

The first is kind of a throwaway bit of antipasto. The second is pretty self-explanatory. The third is ... uh ... I meant to do that. Yeah.

(By the way, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Rapidshare, it's pretty simple. Click on the link, then click on the button for free download. Nothing scary will happen. You'll have to wait a few seconds, then type a code in a box, and it'll download. It's totally free, although there is a limit to what you can download from Rapidshare for free before waiting for your allotment to reset. It's safe as milk. Try it.)


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