Saturday, March 25, 2006

OB and STDPM Review the TV Land Awards

[we join this program already in progress]

STDPM OK ... the muppets have worn me out.

OB Where do they get all that energy?


OB Well, that explains Animal.

STDPM Dr. Teeth, major coke fiend. Rowlf was a junkie. Fozzie was a lush. Piggy took pills. Kermit was a weed head and a chronic masturbator. Gonzo did acid. Scooter sniffed glue. The two old men snorted crushed up laxatives off of little girls' bicycle seats. It was a sick goddamn pile of felt.

OB You should read the Swedish Chef's autobiography. Twisted.

STDPM I tried to listen to that on tape, but it was all, "Bork bork bork! Canola oil orgy! Bork bork! Lactose intolerant cunt monkey! Bork! Carrie Fisher! Bork bork bork bork!" Actually, it wasn't bad at all.

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