Friday, March 17, 2006

Hey Hey, We're The Abortions

St. Charles, Illinois, wasn't ready. St. Charles wasn't ready in 1982, but maybe the world is ready in 2006.

Maybe now the world is ready for The Abortions.

The Abortions were Little Johnny Abortion (vox), Tiny Tim Abortion (guitar) and The Killer Twins on bass and drums. During a brief (a few months in '81-'82, with a one-off reunion in '86 featuring Tiny Tim and Johnny) but dramatic suburban career that provided enough material to fill three VH-1 specials, The Abortions made only two known recordings—available here and now for download—Do You Want To Be A Housewife, and Sex Is No Substitute. There are roomers ... er, rumors ... of alternate versions and other ephemera, but we'll save those for a future posting, should they come to light.

More trivia. Before retreating into obscurity, unknown quantity and general mystery man Bob Hicks co-wrote Do You Want To Be a Housewife. Showbiz legend Otis Ball produced the band.

In the annals and recctals of punk and other scurrilous rock history, there were yer CBGB's, yer Long Branches, yer basements of the Wesley Foundations. And today you have yer Pitchforks and Souths By Southwesteses. And on 12-31-1982, St. Charles, Illinois, had Punkfest. And Punkfest had The Abortions.

Rapidshare downloads, as usual ... Housewife is about 5 megs; Sex about 2.5.

The Abortions - Do You Want To Be A Housewife

The Abortions - Sex Is No Substitute

Tomorrow Soon: Slut Kings !!!


Bob Hicks said...

THE Slut Kings?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? SUH-LAMMIN!

Anonymous said...

I am the holder of the only other recording by Tiny Tim and Johnny... and of course I'm holding them ransom..... the REAL Killer

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

The real Killer? Jerry Lee Lewis?!?!?