Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Language Peeve Cor(o)ner

When did "yeah" and "no" start to mean the same thing? As in, "Yeah, no, I agree," and "No, yeah, that's right." They're just rhythmic space fillers used in spastic and pointless small-talk .... Why don't people just grunt to fill space, instead of using words? E.g., "Ugh, phththphhh, I got your back, homey," or "Moop, twonk, my brain is a vacuum."

I think the "yeah no" phenomenon might be a symptom of some serious brain damage caused by trying to keep up with 16 layers of irony in every goddamn "Gen X"-and-recenter conversation. As in, "Yes I agree ... and maybe you thought I disagreed, but, no, in fact I agree, so, I say yes ... and maybe you think I'm kidding -- but no ... I really mean yes with the earnestness of a hundred yellow suns ... well, no, maybe not THAT much ... but yes anyway, to the ultimate topic of conversation -- and, no, I don't remember what that topic was" etc., except sped up to a frickin millisecond.

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