Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye Blue Monday

Squirt Preparation H® here

I don't really have anything substantive to add to the massive amount of obituary material on Kurt Vonnegut burgeoning webally today, but I wanted to post something. So, in lieu of a bunch of words gushing about how much I dug him and how big an influence he had on my dark sense of humor and secular humanist viewpoint and all that, here's something graphical from the first book of his that I read, a long time ago -- Breakfast of Champions -- still one of my favorites. Yup, that's right. It's a drawing of an asshole. I don't know if it's appropriate to the occasion or not, but I have never stopped cracking up when I think about this drawing, and I thank him for that gift. Which doesn't really parse ... thanking a dead humanist. But what the heck?


Mr. Insert Namehere said...

>influence he had on my
>dark sense of humor and
>secular humanist viewpoint

No offense to the deceased, but what has that gotten a Mr. Moss in life? In a country chock full of developmentally disabled worshippers of a tortured Jew on a stick, nothing but grief and frustration, I'd bet.

I'm not sure how parsey it is to blame any living author, dead or alive, for a life of disappointment and anger, but thanks a lot, Kurt Vonnegut!

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Well, in defense of everyone involved and not involved, I only turned into a smart-alecky atheist because the mentally deranged saviour-kebab fanciers (aka normal people) wouldn't have me. And you know what Groucho said about joining clubs like that ... except oppositely, kinda. Or maybe that was the Unabomber.

Anyway, I was born defective; K.V. only attached a cartoon of an anus to my plight. And my plight has never been the same since, cuz he used a lot of staples, somewhat like the gay activist we used to know in college who liked to make it extra difficult for angry meatheads to tear his fliers off the dorm bulletin boards.

Although, all in all, I'd rather have an anus stapled to my plight than the other way around.

This reply comment has made no sense whatsoever. Just letting you know I know.