Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hey Hey, Holy Mackerel ... The Investment Oppatoonity of a Lifetime!

Now it can be told. One O Ball and myself, Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss, have just won ownership of the Chicago Cubs in an eBay auction. Now we only have to come up with the money. I can toss in 400 bucks, and Otis has a collection of Dogfish Head bottlecaps and a DVD-R boot of the "Bill Zebub Collection" (Link NSFW). So ... who wants to invest? We're going to rename the ballpark "SMonkey® Field" and hire some strippers. Hell, whether or not we manage to buy the Cubs, we'll probably do that.

Leave a comment with an email address and I'll send instructions on how to "invest" through our SMonkeyPal® account.

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