Saturday, July 01, 2006

There's kerosene around! (Never anything to do in this town ... lived here my whole life)

At Simon's Tavern last week, I mentioned, while discussing among a small group of rock and roll nerds the topic of the constant stream of rock band reunions (e.g., Gang of Four, Blue Cheer, Os Mutantes), that I would like to see Big Black reunite.

I was scoffed at. Scoffed! "Don't hold your breath," I think somebody said.


OK, can you keep a secret? We just found out about more bands playing the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Celebration. The first? Arcwelder. They never come around any more, so here's your chance. Xerxes, Pull, Everest... they’ll be pulling songs from all the classics. It will be awesome.

But that’s not all. Get a load of this: Big Black is gonna play a couple songs. For real. Big Black. Now, they’re not playing a full set or anything... just a couple songs, but who cares how many they play? This is Big Black, playing live, for the first time in nearly 20 years! And it’s the old school line-up: Albini, Durango, Pezzati.

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