Thursday, July 20, 2006


No, not the Patent and Trademark Office. For one thing, I don't blog about work or work-related crap ... or almost never. Some intellectual property awfulness might have sneaked in here occasionally, or other legal bullshit (redundancy warning), but nothing about the office, ever.

But blogging about not working is maybe okay. Because, although I seem to have grown a sick aversion to using my alloted free days (nobody ever would have figured that back when I was a chronically truant youth), after checking the weather and hearing some truly gothic traffic reports, I decided this morning to take some Paid Time Off (which is, wahines and kanes, da kine time off and the kine paid, too -- OK, sorry, I know I shouldn't use Hawaiian pidgin out of context ... stupid haole) today and make a small withdrawal from my PTO bank account, which still has more than four weeks' worth of hours in its balance column, so ... why not?

It may be the 21st Century, but traffic signals in the Far North Suburbs of Shuhcawguhland still get knocked out at the slightest provocation ... especially provocations like the thunderstorms Sherman-marching thru the region at present. And when good old WBBM-AM (dah dah dahdah dah DAH!! News Radio Seventy-Eight) informed me that not only were travel times on the Edens Expy "character building," several lights were out along Lake-Cook Road on my route to the Unnamed Place of Employment, I picked up the phone and excused myself. I didn't even need Epstein's Mother for help. I am a self-sufficient excuser-from-stuff.

Of course, I'm bored already, but at least I have this bloggy toy to kill spend some quality time with. So, check back later on today for, more than likely, another solid introductory chapter (or maybe two!) to The Life of a ........ geh, I'm tired of typing that title. But not tired of introductioning it. And today's rainout sets me up perfectly to introduce the character of Chester, with his favorite rain-dance song, "Wichita Lineman."

Coffee. Need coffee.


le Meg said...

Four weeks? At least one of those better be spent on my couch, playah.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

But of course, madame. The wheels are in motion.