Thursday, June 29, 2006

They Don't Call Them Super for Nothing

Super Karaoke Funtime Band - God of Mentos

Here we see Otis trying but sorta failing to put a twist on the famous Mentos-Diet Coke Geyser Phenomenon. Maybe next time!

METADATA: This is post number 101! If things go according to not-so-firm plan, post 102 will tell the story of GBV in Minneapolis-gate, the 4th anniversary of which, Feral Mom reminds me, was yesterday.

In other anniversary news, Wednesday, July 5, will be the 20th anniversary of my first day (the beginning of a four-year hitch) as a Department of Defense Tractor Operator on the Great Lakes Naval Base golf course, which maybe I'll also bloggggg up sumpin about at some point. The life of a golf course tractor operator was always intense.

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