Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dez Sez: Download My Audio Files or Josephine Baker Will Point Lynndie-England-like at Something Offscreen! Uh, Even Moreso!

I ... I don't think he's kidding!

Dez audio package #1 still available (Rapidshare link, same as a couple posts below), but I think Rapidshare will delete it soon if downloads don't pick up, so I'm pimping it like a monkey some more. Ook ook.

Dez audio! Comedy comedy comedy! Unavailable elsewhere! (Unless you ask him personally for a copy.)


Look, dammit. Ricky Gervais is charging money now for his podcasts. And Dez is at least as goofy ... er, talented ... as Karl Pilkington. So you might as well give this a try -- while it's still free.


A third time for the ADHD sufferers out there:


(Cue incidental music ...)

Meanwhile, across town, on a crowded rooftop:*

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss: "I don't know, Dez. Posting to my blog is supposed to make me happy. But I'm just depressed."

Dez: "Good old Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss. How I hate him!"

(*for the rooftop who crowds)

UPDATE: DEZ SUGGESTS: I enjoyed the publicity, but the grainy photo of us on the rooftop makes me think it should be captioned with something out of a 1960s Mafia book, as in, "In this FBI photo taken in 1960, Irish Mafia boss 'Dez' is seen conversing with notorious hitman 'Stronger Than Dirt' Pete Moss over their plans to ensure that JFK and Mayor Richard J. Daley win every precinct in Chicago."

UPDATE TWO: STDPM REPLIES: Why not just post the real conversation?

Dez: Hey, Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss --

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss: Yeah, Dez?

Dez: Remember that one time I wasn't really drunk?

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss: No.

Dez: Me neither.

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