Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dez: The John Peel Sessions, Part 1

OK. Brass tacks time, and for lowering myself to their level. Easing on down, easing on down to the brass tacks. Becoming funky with the little gold nails. Getting down with the brass tacks. With em & at em, at em & to em. Tune your attitude in. If you fake the brass tacks, your nose will grow.

Speaking of tacks time ... or tax time ... today's featured artist would have wanted it that way. But since he's still alive, we assume we still wants it that way, no "would have" required.

Born April 15, 19??, W.S. "Dez" Dez has left no bridge unburned behind him, no alien un-ated. Dez's place in history would be cemented by the mere fact that bouncers have kicked him out of no fewer than 25 Guided By Voices concerts, if not for the fact that even more remarkable is the fact that Mark E. Smith has kicked him out of The Fall a record 39 times. Which fact is made even more remarkable by the fact that Mark E. Smith never invited him to join up in the first place.

Rousted by the Sergeant Schultzes of contemporary society to a lonely refuge, an abandoned radio shack in a deep, dark forest in the shadow of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, Dez broadcasts to a select listenership. Now, for the first time, some digitized excerpts of the Dez Radio Deztravaganza, Featuring Dez can be made available to an even narrower audience -- the nonexistent readers of this blog.

Rapidshare link below, zip file of 8 mp3s, total of about 16 megs. Sincere attempts were made to avoid copyright infringement. No, really.

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Otis said...

I downloaded the file and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.