Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Game 163 Coming Up

Oy gevalt! I can hardly wait. That exclamation is in honor of Steve Stone, who had to leave the radio booth around the midpoint of yesterday's game against the Tigers due to the sounding of the shofar. So, presumably, Chris Rongey will be subbing for him tonight, which is suboptimal, but it will still be better than listening to the audio on TBS ... ugh.

I hope the Sox win, of course, just because -- but also because I hope I haven't heard the last of Stone and Farmer on AM 670. They made a great team this season. Stone will do fine alongside Hawk on TV, and DJ or whoever else replaces Stone on the radio will be all right, I'm sure, but it won't be the same great combo as The Pony and Farmio.

OK. About an hour to go. Get yer black threads on and let's win it.

UPDATE: 6:30 pm: My bad. I guess it's past sundown, so the holiday obligations are over. Anyway, Stoney is on the air. Which starts things off right, from my perspective.

UPDATE: 9:00 pm: That was an awesome catch by Brian Anderson. Wowie wow wow. Onward to Tampa.

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