Friday, September 26, 2008

Apparently I was a little bit too level-headed and kind last night

OK, now I gotta say that the White Sox don't just need a new bullpen.

They also need new starters.

Kansas City is beating Minnesota at this moment, which means the agony could be prolonged for another day.

But I'm going to just go ahead and declare this season ovuh.

I'd like to say I'm happy the Sox did better than I expected them to do this season.

But I'd be lying.*

Watch for a new "Cubs" look for this blog soon. As in, blue background, and new song lyrics in the sidebar, along the lines of

We love our favorite team
They're the Chicago Cubbies
We love teddily bearses
And cuddly things
And pissing on lawns again and again
Like drunken Teletubbies
And centuries devoid
Of World Series rings

It's a work in progress.


* Do you dig my use of the Rick Telander "paragraph break after every short declarative sentence" technique?

I think I've mastered it.

Don't you?

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