Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't stop now -- this joke has only started getting funny, and it has infinite potential

Bloomberg say:

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700 billion plan to buy devalued assets from financial companies is "a joke" because it doesn't go far enough to calm markets, said Kenichi Ohmae, president of Business Breakthrough Inc.

Ohmae, nicknamed "Mr. Strategy" during his 23 years as a McKinsey & Co. partner, called for a $5 trillion "international facility" to be made available to financial institutions.

These finance boys ... they need to stop thinking small. As Burnham said, "Little boondoggles lack the monkeys to make barrels fun again and thus suck boneless chicken dicks." Or ... something like that.

Anyway ... Why not eleventy trillion? Twelvety ann-jillian? Blurve-blivvity squabunderglassinabalsamicreductionillion? These numbers are completely meaningless anyway. Why not just say we'll need $Universe?

Infinity money! Plus one!

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Silas Redbeard said...

I think the phrase, "We need absolute dominion over the known and unknown universe to avoid calamity" would be more accurate. Or "We need to cause widespread poverty in order to prevent it."