Friday, April 25, 2008

This is one of those posts where I got nuthin but I pretend there's a lot more to come real soon

Man alive, there are a lot of cheap jokes that I'm missing out on here because I don't use my real name for this thing. I ... uh ... I mean I don't use my fake name. The fake name I gave the gubbermint as an infant and as a 16-year-old rookie driver. Anyway, I can't say any more than that about that.

In other news, provided you have very little going on in your life, you can look forward to some Colicky Baby posts soon, on topics such as (1) Lou Piniella's physique vs. Jim Bouton's physique and (2) how much jury duty sucks ass -- and (2)(a) how much being a captive audience in a jury assembly room while the Whoopi Goldberg Show is on the damn TV sucks assssssssssss.

Can't wait? Too bad. You have to. I'm neither energetic nor drunk enough at this time to service you. (That's what she said.)

Oh just one more thing. Here's a Friday Night UkuleleTube cover tune video set.

Keonepax - Little Red Riding Hood (Sam the Sham)

Keonepax & Kanagawa G - Everyday (Buddy Holly)

Keonepax - Here, There, and Everywhere (Duh)

Keonepax & Yoshi Takenaka - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Duh, also, too)

Keonepax - You've Got Your Troubles (The Fortunes)

Keonepax - Edelweiss (Rodgers & Hammerstein, duh)

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