Thursday, April 17, 2008

For the wishywashy ambivalence of the game

The more people insist (usually in a very yelly outdoor voice) that I have to pick one team to love or, more crucially, hate, the more I refuse to unequivocally pick one. The White Sox get the edge, I guess, because I'm willing to publicly display an affinity for them. Cubs appreciation, on the other hand, is a shameful indulgence, for several reasons. But, still, I'm unapologetically wishywashy.

Evidence thereof: Quick inventory of MLB merch in the house:

White Sox - 1 t-shirt, 1 baseball cap, 1 toque
Cubs - 1 baseball cap, 1 toque, 1 big framed foto of Wrigley Field on dining room wall

Hm, looks like a tie. Although I didn't pay for the foto, or even ask for it (it was a gift). I paid for the frame, though. Cheap frame. Target. And I won't wear the Cubs hats in public, except to a Cubs game, which means I've worn them about five times, in total.

Do I hate the Cubs or not? Yes, to both questions. Do I hate the White Sox? Never, even when they suck.

Do I need a less ambivalent hobby? That would be a yes. I think. Maybe.

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non-alignment des said...

I concur. I also dig both teams, and even the Cardinals sometimes. And as a New Englander now, I even tilt toward the Red Sox on occasion, although I generally lean toward the Cubs, because, hey, after 10 years of free kick-ass seats at Wrigley supplied by my dad, I've just had more cool baseball experiences there, but the White Sox have done me no wrong. They didn't keep the Cubs out of the World Series. The Cubs, plus wacky super-natural and fan-related phenomena, have done that all on their own.