Friday, December 29, 2006

Just one more sharp-lookin' beard in heaven ...

Saddam's last word: "Ggghhhghghhhlghthththghhhh."

Something about a sled, I think.

But seriously folks. They had to wait for Ford to croak first before executing Saddam cuz the fool woulda pardoned him. Something about a long sartorial nightmare being over. Those blazers with too heavily padded shoulders ... weapons of fashion dysfunction.

This has been a confused mixture of a stereotypical neocon blogger character crossed with Mr. Blackwell's reaction to the execution of Saddam Hussein. Back to your regularly scheduled loud playing of bootleg mp3s and drinking of overpriced beer from the inaptly named "Buy/Low Liquors."


Feral Mom said...

I know! What a misnomer! But I loved that place, because they were the only store in the neighborhood that didn't roll their eyes when I came in with a double stroller. The fucking feminist bookstore gives me grief, but the liquor store embraces me. There's a lesson there. And oh yeah...Saddam Hussein.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Yeah, I like them. A lot of people have come and gone from this neighborhood, but the friendly Assyrian liquor store dudes remain. It's going on nine years of patronage by me of that store now. They live up close to where I work, in the north burbs, and I live near where they work, so we trade traffic woe stories on occasion.

Shortly after 9-11-01, when the U.S. action in Afghanistan started, I went in there and was talking to the old man about it. I said something about how it was going to be tough to bomb them out, with the mountainous terrain, Hindu Kush, etc., and the old man said, with a sweeping arm gesture for emphasis, "Bush should bomb until there are NO MOUNTAINS LEFT." The gents at the Gurnee American Legion Post would be proud.

Last night there was a tall, drunk old Swede in there, clogging up the exit and rambling to some young women about how he "doesn't know" how old he is, because (something like) "My birth certificate says I am seventy, but in here (touching his heart) I am seventeen." Oh, old Swede men stereotypes, you never fail me.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Jesus, I was just in the "Food First" grocery store, and that same character was in there. Only today he was much less cheery. I didn't catch what it was about, but he was kvetching about something to the dudes behind the counter, apparently something he didn't like about the warning labels on American liquor bottles. Then he got pissed off that they were laughing at him. "Very friendly country! Well, keep smiling!" Yeah, mood-swingy alcoholics, can't get enough of em.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

By the way -- pardon the break from STDPM character for just a second -- I'm not necessarily sure my smartass flippancy about the execution of Saddam Hussein makes any sense or even sense of humor, and I could say a lot more about it in a more serious vein, but I just don't want to tackle that kind of material in this blog. I couldn't help but throw down some dark comedy, though, because that's pretty much my initial defensive reaction to almost everything that happens anymore. OK, back to colicky ol' Stronger Than Dirt mode now.

Anonymous said...

>drinking of overpriced
>beer from the inaptly
>named "Buy/Low Liquors."

You damn yuppies and your Johnny cum lateliness.

During the big storm in 89, half of that sign fell offa the liquor store, but they are too cheap to replace it. It used to say "Buy/Low, Sell/High Liquors"

Very apt, I say to you! Apter than apt!

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Or, as UK emcee Roots Manuva would say, perhaps, "Apter than apter than apt." I know how much you love the hips-hops, Insert.

Sadly, it's anachronistic, since they've replaced all the awnings recently and no longer use the "Buy/Low" sign (I guess I'll never know why the slash), eschewing it for the upscaled name, "Andersonville Wine & Spirits." I think. It's never been too clear what the place is officially called. Their email address is clarkfosterwine - "at" symbol thingy - aol dot you know what in case you wanna ask them.