Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Young people today: What's with all the dignity?

So Zipgun and STDPM caught the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show over by The Vic the other night. The Affirmatively Expressive Clappy fellas have turned into quite polished pros in the last year, which could be a negative sign, but it was still a pretty good little indie rock confab. I can't get used to the current crop of teeny boppers, though. They seem to think the name of the band is Keep Your Body As Still As Possible No Dancing Allowed.

Yeah, that's right, Grampa, reminisce about all that pogoing you did back during the Great Depression. Sure. That's cool. Today's kids are just smarter, is all. That dancy-leapy exuberant kind of behavior can, like, get you kicked out of a club, old man!

Speaking of old men, here's a clip of Get The Clap Say Ouch on Dave Letterman's show, aka the "I Can't Believe This Ancient Artifact Of A Show Is Still On TV; I Never Watch It Anymore" program:

Next stop for Clamp That Thing It's Leaking Bad: Beer commercials and ESPN Sports Center interludes. Following that, Betty Ford, a long period of absence, and, finally, a triumphant reunion at the Fox halftime show for the 2031 Super Bowl in a double bill with Mission Of Burma.

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