Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time to change time again

Uh, I can never remember. It's fall forward and spring back, right?

It doesn't really matter. I might as well leave the clocks where they are, or just shut them off completely. I have nothing approaching a rigid schedule, anyway. I come and go more or less at will, mostly sitting still in front of a flickering screen of some kind ... oh yeah, I guess there's a reason to change the clocks: So I can know when it's time to watch TV. Maybe I should just finally get that Tivo I've been resolving to get for about three years now. Then time will finally mean nothing.

And time, or at least TV, stands still during the off-season anyway, especially on days after nights in which, to paraphrase Al Pacino in Godfather 2, this old man drank too much wine. Today was the first baseball-less Saturday in over six months, and I spent half the afternoon in a hung-over stupor fruitlessly riding the remote. Which was not pretty, because I just can't get into college football. After resorting to watching an episode on the Create network of Lidia the crazy fat bald Italian chef making gnocchi for about the fourth time, I realized that I was no longer very excited about getting an extra hour this weekend. Then I took another nap.

It's a challenge stuffing 4 ounces of living into a 10-pound bag.


Captain Freedom said...

"The Te Rauparaha Haka: " How long has that been there? It rocks.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

That's been there since about the end of the "regular" baseball season, Cap'n. Something had to replace the White Stockings theme song. I learned about this Haka, and specifically the N.Z. All-Blacks' rugby team's use of it, on the WFMU blog some time ago. There are several good versions available on YouTube.

By the way,, you are really trying my patience lately. Just sayin'.