Friday, October 06, 2006

Never mind the colicky baby, just read this

As a source for biting and apt commentary on Chicago media (with a strong focus on the increasingly shitty Sun-Times and continually flaccid Tribune), The Beachwood Reporter is what Colicky Baby Records and Tapes would be if I had any talent, energy, or work ethic. If you're interested in Chicago media and the news business in general, it's a daily must-read. Here's a fine small excerpt from today's installment:

The Greene Room
It's looking more and more like Mark Foley's behavior was an open secret. The Tribune will have to tread lightly on chastisting Hastert for ignoring this or being so out-of-touch with his members that he was unaware of it, because that's just what [Tribune editor Ann Marie] Lipinski and her minions argued about Bob Greene, whose behavior was widely known to everyone else.


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