Wednesday, August 02, 2006

They Don't Call Me Colicky for Nothing: Wednesday No-Cat Blogging

Here's a foto of the wuvwee widdle cat I don't have:

And after a few days of feeding, cleaning up after, and attempting (without much success) to dispense pills to my mom's three ancient cats (correction: my mom's two ancient cats and my dad's one skittish one-man scaredy cat), I think my petless condition is going to persist for a long time, if I have anything to say about it. I've lived with cats most of my life, and I had my last cat for 16 years, but I think I'm done. I don't miss the hair, the litter box, or the ammonia smell of cat piss.

And since I needed a break from the geriatric monsters (plus, I needed to pick up my mail and make sure my apartment hadn't been burglarized by burglars or gutted by fire or eaten by rats or disparaged by Mel Gibson), I am in Chicago for the night, but will return to the suburban wasteland tomorrow to finish up the lonely zookeeping stint. Feh.

Maybe after this heat wave breaks I won't be so goddamn colicky.

Also -- for all you white-on-black template hatahs out there: This blog's "look and feel" is staying the same, dammit. At least until baseball season ends. I've been thinking for quite a while about revamping at that time. And I don't just mean when the White Sox season effectively ends ... which could be pretty soon, the way things are going. I mean October. In the meantime, anybody having trouble reading anything in a web browser should know that you can increase the font size. Instant Reader's Digest Edition for the Blind. As a visually impaired person myself, I find this useful sometimes. Also, if you really hate someone's template, shit, why not just copy and paste the text into a word processor and format it however the hell you want? Same goes for the writing -- don't like what you're reading, fix it. Then post it in a comment. Your help will be much appreciated.

Wup ... there's some thunder. And there's some more. Relief on the way, I hope. And then I can get back to some actual writing, maybe.

But until then, here's something different and multimedial -- an unusual version of an old favorite, accompanied by some irrelevant but harmless animated crud:

She Cracked - Modern Lovers 1977 demo

Click on the play button to play!


the great gaylord said...

You're taunting me! Why are you taunting me? What did I ever do to you?!?!?!?

Feral Mom said...

Heh heh. You are STRONG, STDPM, just as strong as your name implies. You will stand by your Minima Black, even though it's hard to (read) understand. I, on the other hand, will bow to peer pressure. Eventually. Let's see how long I can string 'em along..."no really. I'm going to change my template! I so totally am! I'm just...waiting...for...the perfect...image..."

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Well, nobody's complained about my template. Although these could be the same people who tell me, in person, that they are reading the blog, but who never leave comments. Anyway, I like to think that if my blog is hard to read, it's because the prose is written at a 753rd grade level, which is far beyond even the highly educated crowd (if "crowd" is an accurate term for a readership numbering in the high half-dozens, depending on sunspot activity and other factors), not because white-on-black hurts the eyeball. As I said, I have been planning to revamp the look after baseball season ends, although I don't know what changes will take place. The white sox theme song in the sidebar will go -- that I know for sure. Maybe I'll replace it with a very special version of "Bear Down, Chicago Bears." And switch to an orange-on-blue color scheme to match -- that'll teach em, those blind complainers.